Bacon and diapers

by bobaloow

***I am trying to motivate myself to start writing more — so I have been searching for ideas and prompts.  I just discovered  prompts for a 30 day gratitude journal on Pinterest so I figure that is as good a start as any…

Day 1 – What smell are you grateful for?  Let’s see…fried bacon is a great smell.  Makes you feel hungry even if you just ate your fill.  Fresh cut grass on a hot summer day;  I can close my eyes and feel the sun on my skin.  A breeze filled with the scent of lilac, roses, jasmine, honeysuckle (insert your favorite flower here).  Thanksgiving dinner is a plethora of smells to die for.   Oh…I almost forgot!  Fresh baked bread!  When I was selling my house, I would always bake bread when I knew someone was coming to look – believe it or not, it made a difference!  The house seemed more “home-y”.

Have you ever noticed that if you are thinking of smells – your first inclination is to close your eyes and raise your face/nose?  Of course, to get a better scent.  It is an animal instinct, although they don’t close their eyes.  If you watch your dog, when they sit on the porch and seem to just be quietly overlooking their territory, their nostrils are constantly twitching.  Their noses are like Facebook, they are catching up with all the posts of the day.

Little babies have wonderful smells and some not so wonderful, as they get older.  As a parent, you will eventually be able to distinguish the difference in the smell of your own children.  As a point of reference, when I was a young mother, I babysat for a friend.  Her son was a few months older than my daughter.  Up until then, I changed every kind of diaper and had been vomited on numerous times.  The smells were often less than pleasant but it was part of being a mom and it wasn’t intolerable.  The first time I had to change this little boy’s messy diaper, I gagged and had to take the diaper immediately out of the house.  It was horrible!  I thought there was something wrong with him.  In reality, it was just his own “smell” and it was different than what I was accustomed to.  You think a dirty diaper is a dirty diaper – but not so!  While I am not exactly grateful for that smell, it is one of the stronger smells to come to mind.

Mostly, babies do smell sweet.  Part of it is because of the wonderful smelling infant products (who doesn’t love the smell of baby lotion and baby soap?) but the other part is that their diet is pure and sweet, especially in the beginning.   When a baby falls asleep, snuggled into your neck and you lean over to kiss them you can smell their hair and skin.  Their warm breath is sweet with mother’s milk and it is a smell you never forget.  I am grateful for that smell.

Your spouse or partner has a distinctive smell.  This can be good and bad — but usually you can identify them in a dark room if all you could do was smell them out.  And here is a fun fact, as they age the smell becomes even more identifiable.  Just so you know and something to look forward to…  Still, in all, I am grate for that smell as well.

I am grateful for the smell of fresh brewed coffee, fresh squeezed lemons, watermelon, cucumber, the original jergen’s lotion (I think it is almond scent?), creme de mint (reminds me of my dad, he always put that in his chew when he was younger), and of course, wintergreen – my signature smell and flavor.

We are so lucky to have the sense of smell – to be able to identify all of the different scents we experience daily.   Imagine a life without it!  Can you?